Jaya Nruharemala bhava mama sharanam 2015 (09)

Jaya Nruharemala bhava mama sharanam

Educating the youth, the most rewarding Service to Humanity.
The greatest service to God lies in rendering service to all humanity. One who renders service to humanity is really great. He deserves gods great. But the service rendered by the individual does not remain for long.Moreover what he does will be small and short lived compared to the vast need and continuing nature of life. So the real service to humanity lies in educating the people academically, spiritually to be ready to serve and sacrifice in times of need and leave a tradition of service and sacrifice behind. Imparting education to youth becomes the perfect and long lasting service to humanity.

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Author : Sri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji


Shri Ananteshwara” the ancient Temple of Udupi Author : PV Acharya

Shri Ananteshwara” the ancient Temple of Udupi

The incarnation of Shri Viswa Guru Madhwacharya took place as the result of The Seva of this Ananteshwara for twelve long years by the earthly parents Madhya Geha Bhattaru and Vedavati. Secondly before the incarnation a man possessed by some spirit climbed on to Garuda Pillar in front of the temple and proclaimed publicly that a the great event of Madhwa incarnation was going to take place. Moreover, the last shloka of Shri Sumadhwa Vijaya records that Vishwaguru Madhwacharya was last seen discoursing Aitareya Upanishad in the holy shrine of Shri Ananteshwara, when he was showered upon with divine flowers...Read more

Importance of Poetry in Religion Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

Importance of Poetry in Religion

Many people consider reading of poetry as an idle practice. Writing of poetry in any language is considered the profession of people who spend their time in imagination away from realistic world. In other words writing and reading of poetry a mo work of unrealistic people according to some. Especially when we consider that the contemporary life of technology and science, poetry seems to belong to olden days. But before giving in to such conclusion, we better consider certain realities about poetry. The function of literary poetry is to analyse and understand human nature. Poets try to bring the inner complexities of the human mind such as emotions sentiment s a ml thoughts. Bui this task is the complex one.

Vidhura Neethi – Pravachana by B. Govindaacharya Author : Vidya Shridhar C

Vidhura Neethi – Pravachana by B. Govindaacharya

Will the Blessings of His Holiness Sri Sri Sugunendra Thirtha Swamiji of Udupi Sri Puttige Matha, Sri Venkata Krishna Kshetra, Tempe, AZ was blessed to host the doyen of Madhwa Philosophy, Padmashri. Dr. Bannanje Govindacharya. On the auspicious occasion of Adhika maasa, Guru Bannanje, visited and delivered a lecture on "VIdura Neethi" in Mahabharata on June 27, 2015 He is an eminent philosopher, "Pravachanakara"(speaker on spiritual texts) and writer of many books in Kannada. He is also an eloquent speaker in Sanskrit..Read more

In the eternal search for peace Author : Chiram Samskritam

In the eternal search for peace

Day after day, nighi after night, we rest, we work, we dream, we wake up and in this process unknowingly we find ourselves so much older. From the day we begin to realise the world and the didactic rules there off, we are in search of something We give it all the shape of goals. We set up goals and strive hard to achieve them for ourselves.Read more

Another milestone Shri Venkata Krishna Temple Author : Mahesh Haravu

Another milestone  Shri Venkata Krishna Temple

His Holiness Sri Suguneenclra Theertha Swamiji is on a Mission. His mission is to spread spirituality, the grace and blessings of Lord Sri Krishna. To this end, Swamiji is instrumental in establishing several temples all around the United States, Australia and UK. The most recent one being establishment of a new facility in Los Angeles. By the grace of Lord Shri Krishna, Shri Guru Raghavendra Swamy devotees have been offering their sincere prayers to the lord. The universe is his, all we can do is find a place of solitude, connect with him and say our prayers..Read more

Dara Shikov, The Mughul Prince, the seeker of truth Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

Dara Shikov, The Mughul Prince, the seeker of truth

Society prefers their own prejudice than the truth. People in general are much attached to falsehood and prejudices in their life. Generally they are scared of truth. Because, truth often will compel us to be generous, kind and fight for its sake. Truth is likely shatter our euphoria. People want to take it easy and shun risk. It is more so with people who hold advantageous position in life. Politicians, rich people, people in power, leaders of the masses always depend upon certain false notions of the people and desperately guard this to maintain their lead over their rivals. Read more

Mettilutsava inaugurated at Tirupathi Author : Venkatesh Bhat

Mettilutsava inaugurated at Tirupathi

His Holiness Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji of Puthige Mutt, Udupi, inaugurated the special metlotsava organized by Tirumal Tirupathi Devasathanam’s Dasa Sahitya Project on Saturday morning at the foothills of Tirupathi. Over 10,000 people gathered for the event. Addressing the gathering Puthige Swamiji said the thousands of the steps on the way up the hill signify the thousands of lives we have to take to attain salvation...Read more

Lecture Program on Valmiki Ramayana Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

Lecture Program on Valmiki Ramayana

Week long Lecture on Ramayana by Shri K.S.Narayancharya was arranged at Govardhana Giri Kshetra of Puttige Matha Bangalore. The magnificent rendition of Ramayan by the octogenarian scholar was attended by many elite audiences and was concluded in a grand function in the holy presence of His Holiness Sugunendra teertha swamiji. His Holiness swamiji showered much deserved words of praise on Shri K.S.Narayanacharya and honoured him for his monumental work in the field of Indian heritage and the Indian orient. Read more

Divine moments Author : Venkatesh Bhat

Divine moments

Heads of many religious institutions have undertaken the noble task of reaching out to fellow religious heads of different sects and faith in order to develop better understanding and bring abut harmony in society. In this regard. His Holiness Sri Sugunendra theertha Swamiji of Puthige Mutt has been very active with his initiatives all over the country and abroad.