Narayanam Kulapatim Sharanam Vrajema 2014 (04)

Narayanam Kulapatim Sharanam Vrajema

Among the seven most sacred religious centres of " Parashuram Kshetra" explained in Brahmanda Purana "Rajata Peetha " is the most important one. This has been stated in no less a work than Brahmanda Purana. This is available in the section of the prodigies of the Kshetras' which is more or less available in hand written manuscripts only.
Brahmanda purana clearly delineates the importance of Rajata Peetha, the modem Udupi and also the features of the idol of lord Krishna with' Mantha and Pasha' in his hands and facing the direction of the western sea. The purana also explains in the same context the temple of shri Anantasana located to the south of the temple of Lord Krishna. Lord Ananteshwara is explained to be the overlord of the Rajata Peetha Kshetra. We see Lord Anantasana in the form of Linga. Instead of stating that Shri Anantasana is residing in 'Linga' which is associated with lord shiva, it has been stated that Shri Ananteshwara has become manifest and is residing in the form of Linga at the behest the greatest devotee Ramabhoja.

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Author : Mahithosha Acharya


From the publisher Author : PV Acharya

From the publisher

Let me extend, on behalf of Suguna Fraternity, my hearty wishes to our readers, on the most auspicious occasion of the commencement of Jaya Samvatsara which is astrologically quite promising due to the favourable aspect of the planet Jupitor which is called "Guru" in Samskrit language.
The significance of guru cannot be overstated. The importance of the blessings of Guru is mentioned even in the Upanishat. The place of Guru in the order of reverence is immediately after that of the mother and the father. "Dasavani" which brings to us the essence of philosophy has stated that guru is the only window through which one can see God. Guru is the earthly means which can elevate, educate and qualify and render an entity eligible for divine blessings...Read more

Science the mirage of comforts and pleasures Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

Science the mirage of comforts and pleasures

'Science', The Mirage of comforts and pleasures...
Everyone seems to believe that the present generation is the most scientifically advanced one and the life of the modern man has been transformed by the application of science. It is also believed that our previous generations who were dogged by diseases, effects of famine, floods and other natural calamities suffered due to their ignorance of the scientific truth and their inability to exploit and control nature to their benefits. The modern inventions set off by the renaissance have provided new methods of medications, improved production of food by the inventions of bio-technology and of course the host of revolutionary changes brought about by the invention of computer technology...Read more

Undermine Dualism and risk chaotic world order Author : Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

Undermine Dualism and risk chaotic world order

(Following is the excerpts from the words of Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji spoken on the occasion of world Geetha conference' held at Ganapathi sachchidananda Ashrama in Mysore and also on the occasion of Shri Madhwanavami celebration in Pajaka, the birth place of Shri Madhwacharya, highlighting the significance of Dwaita concept and pragmatic dimension Dualism.)
The conception of the world without dualism looks absurd. It is perfect bizarre if we deviate from the concept of dualism. Dualism propounded by Shri Madhwacharya need not be accepted as the purport of the Vedas or Brahmasootras alone. Dualism is at the base of common sense and forms the very basis of any meaningful arrangement among our social institutions...Read more

The Bottomless Pit Author : D.S. Venkanna

The Bottomless Pit

The desire is compared to blazing fire and our efforts to satisfy the same is compared to pouring oil into the fire. It is against common sense to pour oil into the fire believing that it would end the blazing fire. The fire does not get extinguished but erupts with more vigour. Any attempt to satisfy one's desire is like an attempt to put out the fire with oil. If you treat the desire kindly and provide it with what it wants, the senses ask for more and at the same time render your resistance weaker. The more lenient you are the weaker you become. The weaker you become, more vulnerable you are. It is also stated in Shastras that to regard an evil as good and gracious is 'Raga'. This is the technique nature adopts to make you believe in a heinous thing as a desirable one. You will realize the moral or spiritual fall only later. While a sinner is committing sins...Read more

Attitude More Important Than Action Author : Manogna B.R

Attitude More Important Than Action

There is a short story by Leo Tolstoy titled 'Two Old Men". In this story there are two Russian farmers who start on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. They have to walk for hundreds of miles and sail from there to Jerusalem. While walking through different regions and countries, they come across fertile prosperous lands and also barren lands stricken with famine and diseases. In course of their journey they come to a place, where there are no rains for years and people are suffering from hunger and poverty. One of the pilgrims, namely Elisha asks his friend to walk along while he wants take a drink of water in the nearby hut. The other traveler whose name is Efim walks along thinking that his friend would join him soon. But Elisha is not destined to follow him...Read more

Destiny of the soul Author : Chiram Samskritham

Destiny of the soul

When we enquire about our life as a whole, it is only natural for us to contemplate –‘ Is just a hundred years of human life all that is called existence? What are we after this life? Did we live earlier too?’ These are but common questions.
There are in fact various answers to these. The common answers of believers of reincarnation state that,' we were alive before and we will reincarnate and till that liberation is attained, we are going to be born again and again.'
Do we have a choice of birth or is it all pre-determined by what we call as Karma? To what extent do we have control and to what extent are we controlled?...Read more

Acharya Madhwa Author : Sri Bannanje Govindacharya

Acharya Madhwa

In this work Acharya has interpreted the first forty Suktas of the Rg-veda. He has shown, quite elaborately, elucidating the whole Vedic Suktas from a spiritual perspective. This is in the manner of a sailor's compass. He intends us to interpret the whole Veda in the same way.
There is no colophon at the end of the book. This leads us to question: Has Acharya written commentaries also on the remaining Suktas as they are not available to us or did he leave it unfinished as it stands now.
Acharya has not forgotten to end even his very small works with a colophon...Read more

Sri Jaya Naama Samvatsara Author : Puthige Matha

Sri Jaya Naama Samvatsara

Sri " JAYA " Naama Samvatsara Predictions based on Udupi Sri Krishna MukhyaPrana Panchangam
This samvaslara is known as Sri Jaya Nama Samvatsara.
In Brahma's 100 divine years we have already completed 50 years known as Padma Kalpa . So we are in the second 50 years and it is known as Dvitiya Parardha known as Shweta Varaha Kalpa.
Currently we are in the first day of 51st year and in that we have already completed 6 manvantara and we are in 7th ViVsavata Manvantara.
In this 7th ViVisavata Manvantara we have completed 27 Maha Yugas and we are in the 28th Uaga. In this 28th yuga we have already completed...Read more