Rrishnam Vande Mantha Pasha Dharam 2014 (03)

Rrishnam Vande Mantha Pasha Dharam

The eternal Vedas the origiml source of knowledge. Vedas are beyond count. Their meaning is also unlimited. No one knows the Vedas completely. Vedas in their entirety and their meaning is accessible only to Lord Chaturmukha and other seers. It is not within the strength of the mankind to comprehend the meaning of these things.
We see in Puranas how the inquisitive learners happened to meet the Seers of the Veda Mantras and how they revealed the secrets of meanings. These discussions have been recorded in the Puranas. We are told that Just as the Puranikas held spiritual discussion in holy places when they happened to meet The rushis, they also met Devas on rare occasions with whom they could interact. There are instances in Puranas where there have been interaction between the mortals and the devas. We hear that King Dasharatha went o heaven for the sake of battle and Nahusha assumed the position of Indra.

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Author : Udupi Ramanatha Acharya


From the publisher Author : PV Acharya

From the publisher

On the auspicious day of Madhwanavami, shri sugunendra Teertha Swamiji was in Pajaka Kshetra and performed Samsthana Pooja in the very Sannidhana Of shri Madhwacharya. Swamiji himself felt elated that the circumstances conducive to being at this holy, place came about on their own. It had happened without prior plan. But nothing happens coincidentally in the design of God. Shri Swamiji of Kaniyuru Matha who adorns Sarvagna Peetha presently, is the descenedent of the the disciple of Parama Gurugalu of Sugunendra Teertha swamiji. This is as if the lord Krishna is being worshipped by the Swamijis of Both Kaniyuru Matha and Puttige Matha...Read more

The material and the ethereal Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

The material and the ethereal

The life can be explained in terms of laws physics, biology, economics or chemistry. But if that explanation is satisfies us, we accept that our life is not meant for anything beyond the earthly life. But there arc various issues which indicate that the physical entity is not an end in itself Besides, the entity is supposed to be the means of exploration of something beyond. Whether there is anything beyond or not is a question which necessitates a serious quest. But we are human beings. There are emotions, attachments which are really powerful and subtle and stop our serious enquiry by compelling us to divert our attention and energies. We struggle to see that our family is in prosperity and we are not a failure in the eyes of our relatives and neighbours. The people around influence us and they are also influenced by us...Read more

Lord Krishna The Cosmic Teacher Author : Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

Lord Krishna The Cosmic Teacher

Lord Krishna is not only the lord of the universe. He is also the guide of the world. He is the master of all teachers. Whoever teaches something at some time, he would be teaching the same thing which has been taught By Lord Krishna. Lord Vishnu has assumed several incarnations to protect the righteous and punish the wicked. It is only in the incarnation of Shri Krishna and that of Shri Vedavyasa where in Lord has donned the role of a teacher.
Lord Krishna has specifically told that mortals must worship gods for their favour. Man might think that he might master the physical world and live happily, but this is an illusion. If the Gods hold their favours back, our life will be wrecked, if the natural resources fail. All our world will busted. Life will perish without a trace...Read more

Shri Madhwa Navami in the Holy Land of Madhwacharya Author : RS Bidarahalli

Shri Madhwa Navami in the Holy Land of Madhwacharya

His Holiness Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji was in the holy place of Pajaka on the auspicious day of Madhwanavami on 8th February. The day was unforgettable for more than one reason. To begin with, many disciples of Swamiji offered the seva of Parayanam of Shri Sumadhwa vijaya and Pavamana in the very place where shri Madhwacharya preached Upanishat and was the showered upon heavenly flowers as if to betoken that the mission of the third of the incarnation of Vayu was fulfilled and from that moment shri Madhwacharya ceased to be visible to the mortal eye. Beside His holiness Swamiji being the Muktesar of the temple had arranged for the several Homas which were performed by very eminent rutwiks namely Shri Vitthala Tantry, Vidwan Ramadasa Bhat, Shri Raghavendra Tantry, shri Vittala Bhat and Raghavendra Kodancharu...Read more

The legend of India in heritage abode of Puttige Author : Editor

The legend of India in heritage abode of Puttige

The Indian Legend of the industrial world, Shri Ratan Tata who was on an official visit to Manipal came down to Shri Puttigc Matha at Puttige and inaugurated the newly constructed Welcome tower of the 500 year old matha. Shri Ratan Tata remembered meeting Swamiji on different occasions and expressed pleasure at meeting Swamiji again at his own spiritual abode. He was impressed by the serene atmosphere of the matha located as it is in the midst of beautiful greenery and on the bank of the Suvarna River. Shri Ramadasa Pai along with some of the great academicians of our land accompanied the legendary personality to puttige and made the experience the most cherishable one. His Holiness Swamiji said that Shri Ratan Tata was a great servant of the almighty as he is feeding twenty lakh families and what he has achieved...Read more

Words of Blessings for Shri Prasannacharya Couple Author : RS Bidarahalli

Words of Blessings for Shri Prasannacharya Couple

On 15th February, His Holiness Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji was in Bangalore. Swamiji Blessed Smt. and Shri Prasannacharya on the occasion of their house warming ceremony, highlighting the religious dimension of making a house. Swamiji said that constructing a house was an important step towards our duty as "Gruhasthas". Swamiji said that among the four Ashramas namely Brahmacharya, Gruhastha, Sanyasa and Vanaprastha, Grihasthashrama enjoys the maximum importance. All other three ashramas are dependent on it. So, if observed properly, (iruhasthashrama can take you to great spiritual progress. You need a house to practice all the prescriptions of dharma without impediments. For the performance of pooja, to offer hospitality to Brahamanas, to perform Homas, Athithi Pooja you need a home of your own...Read more

A warehouse of illusion The mind Author : Chiram Samskritham

A warehouse of illusion The mind

We all have these questions, what is creation? How did this world come into being? Vedas and Upanishads try to answer these as that immeasurable spec of time in which the Brahman flutters out of his equilibrium; the entire creation comes into being. This is about the universe. How about applying this to our own daily lives. One of the vehicle company giant declares "because we dream, because we do ". As a paradox, this is spiritually so true. What do we exactly do? The things we think of, the things we cherish, the things we dream of and all those we imagine. So who is actually the creator of these? The mind. We build a house because we dream of it in our minds. We make plans on paper, wc estimate, there is so much of mental activity involved…Read more

Embracing Duality Author : Mahesh Harvu

Embracing Duality

The gifts of life come in pairs. If life were a canvas, then the painting on it has dots scattered all around with different colors. The dots represent the different events, experiences, and emotions in life. The dots come in pairs and different sizes. You see streaks of Happiness and Unhappiness. Positives and Negatives.Successes and Failures. Duality is the nature of the everyday life. There is no other way. It is a Karmic Life.
Life is a paradox.
If you were to visualize a canvas with lots of red dots (positives, happiness, successes), you would also see lots of orange dots (negatives, unhappiness and failures)...Read more