Sa Kastha Sa Paragatihi 2014 (02)

Sa Kastha Sa Paragatihi

No one is supposed to dodge or escape from the prearranged Karma. No one in fact should desire to renounce his duties. More over it is impossible to be passive for anybody. Either physically or mentally everyone is always engaged in one or the other type of Karma. The word Jeeva means one who lives. The word Jeeva also has the meaning that his life is dependent. He is in the midst of many who are hierarchically dependent upon one another.
When a Jeeva is involved in this karmic world, the resulting joy and sorrow keep coming to him. Though he goes on losing his ego, power and feelings of attachment, he goes on accumulating the karmic attachment. Hence renunciation of Karma does not mean physical arrest of all activity and giving up of all mental and bodily activity.

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Author : Udupi Ramanatha Acharya


From the publisher Author : PV Acharya

From the publisher

Extending our hearty wishes to our readers on the occasion of shri Madhwanavami, It would be appropriate to remind our readers about the significance of" Shri Madhwa Navami". On this day the greatest ever sage whom we believe to be the very incarnation of Pranadeva was preaching his the celestial Taittariya Upanishad" in the most Sacred Shrine of Shrimad Ananteshwara in Udupi and the heaven showered heavenly flowers on him to indicate that the mission of this incarnation concluded as ordained by Lord Vishnu. The sage delivering the holy lecture disappeared under the pile of flowers. Thus goes the last Shloka of Shri Sumadhwa Vijaya whish is nothing short of Mahamantra and the greatest fortune of the Madhwas…Read more

Let the world Awake Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

Let the world Awake

It is very difficult to bring the truth of the mind out into words. The words are nor to be relied upon as perfect carriers of meaning. This is not only in the worldly transactions but also in terms of spiritual communication. The most perfect rendering even by sages, is susceptible to misinterpretations and ceases to be infallible communicator of the meaning. This has been stated in the Veda itself which says "Yato Vacho Nivartante". The truth that is supposed to flow through the medium of words, through generations is not the same as is distorted partially and sometimes totally and more so when the subject matter is one of abstract nature. There are instances…Read more

Reason for GOD to Celebrate Author : Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

Reason for GOD to Celebrate

The most important thing by the point of view of a parent is the welfare of their ehildrcn. Their mind is preoccupied with the health, wealth and the prosperity of their children. They yearn after their children and are ready to do anything for their good. This is what we see around us in the world. Parents look forward to visiting their children who are away from them and this is most joyful thing for them to see their children and share moments of joy. This is the affection and attachment that exists between the parents and children limited to the earthly life. Imagine the concern of the almighty Lord who is the parent of mankind not only in one life but is the real parent of the Jeevas for ever...Read more

Punyakoti and the eternal message Author : Apoorva Alagam Bhat

Punyakoti and the eternal message

One simple poem in Kannada language can be shown as an example to show how the Indian philosophical background has percolated into the folklore and tales of India.
The poem is known as 'Punyakotr which used to be prescribed to elementary school and the children were made to learn it by heart. The story contained in the poem is quite understandable in its content and language to students. But it also contains dimensions which take the poem to the level spirituality.
The story is that of a cow. While grazing in the forest, the cow happens to be cornered by a tiger. When the tiger is about to pounce upon…Read more

A NEW Way of Positive Thinking Author : Mahesh Harvu

A NEW Way of Positive Thinking

Do a Google search on Positive Thinking and you will end up with several hundreds of millions of hits. Most of the material and philosophies out there link Positive Thinking to a mental state of hope and optimism - irrespective of the event, situation or outcome. Unfortunately, this concept sometimes lends positive thinkers gain a bad rep as not being pragmatic or being realistic. Further, when caught in the myriad and aspiring to being hopeful and optimistic in every situation, it is quite possible that an indirect stress gets induced.
Positive thinking instead of being a panacea to stress becomes the symptom. I have personally experienced this phase…Read more

The enemy within Author : Chiram Samskritham

The enemy within

Life is a struggle. We all struggle our way out through every little activity right from the moment we wake up to the moment we are asleep. If sleep happens to be a state of bliss for some, some of us suffer insomnia. The thoughts and anxielies cannot be banished even in sleep. How did we get ourselves into this circuit called "struggle". We worship the supreme almighty in the wish that our sins be lost and we lead a happier life. We have so much faith in the God that he would deliver us. But then why would life be a struggle when we are under His infinite benignancy?...Read more

Acharya Madhwa Author : Sri Bannanje Govindacharya

Acharya Madhwa

It is therefore quite possible that many times when he uttered significant statements at the moment's inspiration, there were none to take them down and the utterances remained unrecorded. Still the fifty one books that arc now available are not a small treasure. A true inquirer can spend his whole life in ingesting this whole lot of wisdom and digesting it. It is urgent that the little that has remained is carefully preserved and prescribed for serious study so that it may be used by posterity. From this point of view an attempt is made here to briefly introduce each book authored by Madhvacharya...Read more

So near Yet so far Author : RS Bidarahalli

So near Yet so far

This is an instance which happened thirty years before. Madhwa Jayanthy was being celebrated with great pomp in Pajaka Kshctra, the birth place of Shri Madhwacharya. His Holinessshri Vidyamanya Teertha Swamiji and His Desciple Shri Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji were also there along with other junior swamijis. There were many scholars and many dignitaries on the stages who delivered speeches. People were busy meeting swamijis, having sumptuous meal, running around for various reasons, and some expecting good rewards from Swamiji for their merit and services as well...Read more

Shri Paduru Shripathy Tantry Honoured Author : PV Acharya

Shri Paduru Shripathy Tantry Honoured

Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji of Puttige Matha honoured Septuagenarian Shri Paduru Shripathy Tantry in a function held at Govardhana Giri Puttige Matha Bangalore for commemorating the 29th year of Starting "Suguna Mala", the religious and cultural magazine published by Shri Puttige Matha. The beautiful program held at the sacred abode of Lord Shri Krishna at Govardhana Giri Temple was attended by select audience. The program was attended by many important people including the veteran Congress leader Prof. B.K.chandrashekhar, B.V.Acharya, former Advocate general of Karnataka, Dr. K. Sudha Rao the former vice chancellor of Karnataka State open university, Shri Laxmisha Tolpadittaya a renowned Sanskrit scholor and others...Read more