Satyam, Jnanam, Anantam Brahma 2014 (01)

Satyam, Jnanam, Anantam Brahma

The words of the lord Krishna whenever they come, come like the waves of the ocean which bring with them the choicest pearls from the depth of the sea. They bring us the revelation and the shining truths of the universe which we need desperately to make our living meaningful. We live our life and grope in darkness to find light. When our desire to know becomes desperate, we see the truth contained in the sayings which have been there eternally, which are the guiding stars for the people to attain the path of salvation.
How many times Lord has reiterated in his words the significance and indispensability of 'Jnana'? Not once or twice. Shri Bhagavadgcctha Contains multiple assertions.
'Nahi JnanenaSadrusham',

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Author : Udupi Ramanatha Acharya


From the publisher Author : PV Acharya

From the publisher

The historic Paryaya Peetharohana by His Holiness Sri Vidyavallabha Swamiji of Shri Kaniyuru Matha is on the 18th of January 2014. He receives The Charge of Pooja of Lord Krishna from the incumbent His Holiness Swamiji of Sode Vadiraja Matha for a period of Two years. It is believed and rightly so, that Shri Jagadguru Madhwacharya who just ceased to be visible to the common eye 800 years before, while imparting the gospel of Taittariya Upanishad in Shri Anantaeshwara Temple in Udupu , still has his Sannidhanam in Paryaya Swamij until he is performing the Pooja of Lord Krishna...Read more

The royal path to Seven Hills Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

The royal path to Seven Hills

Every one who went to Tirumala as a pilgrim has a story of his own to tell about the difficulty of Darshan of the Lord or has a story to gloat over the ease with which he had Darshan. Some have waited for hours and days, with children wailing, standing with aching legs, sometimes in cold weather, sometimes in the legendary heat of Tirupathi. It is not very rare when some one is moved to anger by inordinate waiting, jostling and stampede, and on the verge of deciding not o stand in the Darshan queue anymore.
You can see quite a few of the devotees who are furious about the volunteers physically pulling and removing the pilgrims… Read more

Conference for universal cordiality Author : Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

Conference for universal cordiality

Enough with the hollow show of cordiality and false pretentions. Let us try to smile honestly and feel honest love and sincere feelings of cordiality. What we see around is deliberate attempt to adopt artificiality in our relations with fellow human beings leading to hypocritical attitude and superficial human relations. Our attitude is so corrupt that if even a natural, innocent and friendly gesture is looked at with suspicion as we are accustomed to seeing only artificiality around us. sincere feelings seem to be obsolete.
The recent trend is to inculcate as much false show as possible because the society respects people with false promises ,false show of concern and commitment. They are our Leaders,they are famous among men and they are our role models...Read more

The centenary celebration of Shri Vidyamanya Teertha Swamiji Author : PV Acharya

The centenary celebration of Shri Vidyamanya Teertha Swamiji

The centenary celebration of Shri Vidyamanya Teertha Swamiji in Shri Venkata Krishna Temple, Arizona, USA.
His Holiness Shri Suguncndra Teertha Swamiji recalled that his mentor, Late Shri Vidyamanya Teertha Swamiji, was a great soul known for his immaculate saintly qualities, devout disposition and vast knowledge of the Shastras. He recalled that he was tutored by him for twelve years and he owed all his knowledge of Madhwa Shastra to him. He also said that Shri Vidyamanya has imparted training and education to pontiffs of Several Madhwa Mathas and his contribution for the protection and promotion of our philosophy is supreme. Shri Sugunendra Teertha swamiji presided over the birth centenary of Late Shri Vidyamanya Teertha Swamiji in Shri Venkata Krishna Temple... Read more

His Holiness Vidyamanya The quiet Crusader and a spiritual colossus Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

His Holiness Vidyamanya The quiet Crusader and a spiritual colossus

"His Holiness Vidyamanya The quiet Crusader and a spiritual colossus" From my fond Memories,
Lord Macaulay in his famous historical minutes to Lord William Bcntinc in 1937 ,said that Indians were not ready to read Samskrit even if they were given scholarship where as they were ready to give huge fee for studying the modern science English and Geography from the Europeans. He vehemently opposed government's promotion of Oriental knowledge of India. But he did not know that there are people in India from times immemorial who don't care for money, comforts, fame and pleasure, and are ready to lose them in the ocean of the spiritual legacy of our land. Name, fame, money meant nothing to Vidyamanya, and as for the pleasures…Read more

Suguneendra Theertha declares open the Abode of Spiritual and Cultural Excellence Author : Mahesh Harvu

Suguneendra Theertha declares open the Abode of Spiritual and Cultural Excellence

HH Sri Suguneendra Theertha declares open the Abode of Spiritual and Cultural Excellence in Edison, New Jersey, USA.
In the presence of a gathering of well over 700, His Holiness Sri SuguneendraTheertha inaugurated the "AnandaTheerthaMandapam" at the premises of Shri Krishna Vrundavana, Edison, New Jersey. In addition to the hundreds who were present, the event was attended by Shri S. YegnaSubramaniam, the Chairman of the SringeriVidyaBharati Foundation, and the Sanatana Dharma Foundation, USA. The Mayor of New Jersey, Toni Ricigliano also graced the event.
AnandaTheerthaMandapam, will become an abode of spiritual and cultural excellence. The auditorium has a comfortable capacity of around two hundred and fifty…Read more

Lord Hanuman, The beloved of All Author : Tatwagna.B.R.

Lord Hanuman, The beloved of All

Lord Hanuman's story is not only one heroic deed. It shows that Hanuman was full of Yogic potential and qualities. When the monkeys were compelled to find out Seetha by the order of Sugreeva, all monkeys tried their level best to find Seetha. The deadline laid down by Sugreeva was running out. If they failed, death punishment awaited them. It was then, all the monkeys approached Lord Hanuman to do something to save them and to find Seetha somehow.
We know that Hanuman assumed a huge form, when he started his flight to Lanka. His launch pad was the mount Minaka. When the colossal form of Hanuman took off from the mount Minaka the very earth shook from its base. The animals and birds that inhabited the forest on that mountain feared that an earth quake was on them…Read more

2014 yearly horoscopes for Moon signs Author : Chiram Samskritham

2014 yearly horoscopes for Moon signs

Second half better than first half.
The year starts with Jupiter retrograde in your 12th house. If there was an investment plan or a partnership plan that you had left halfway through during this time last year, for the next 2 months you will get a big opportunity to revisit that.. So a mixed yearis in store with a slightly negative bias.
The first half of the year continues with its problems of last year. There will be problems on the family front. Things might easily get blown out of proportion. There may be deceiving deals in real estate and property related matters. Expenses seem to touch the roof but sources of income seem only limited…Read more

Acharya Madhwa Author : Sri Bannanje Govindacharya

Acharya Madhwa

In fact, if Dayananda Sarasvati had seen Madhvacharya's commentary on the Rig-veda, his perspective would have totally changed. The lack of this acquaintance is clearly seen in the works of Dayananda Sarasvati. There is evidence to show that Maharsi Aravind and his disciples were influenced by Madhvacharya's comme ntary. The outburst of Kapali Sastri, who discovered the rare meaning of the rig-veda in the light of Mahari Aravind *s interpretation of it, is a reliable evidence of this influence. He is said to have exclaimed, 'vedanam adhyatmaparata nastiti ko nama brute madhvabhayeu jagratsu'. (Who dare say that Vedas have no spiritual meaning, as long as Madhvacarya's commentary exists)...Read more