Yamevaisha Vrunute Tenalabhyaha 2013 (11)

Yamevaisha Vrunute Tenalabhyaha

God's will and His grace is incomprehensible and not a predictable thing. Deities and mortals strive with utmost of their efforts, mundane and extra mundane, to realize the ultimate and to establish communion with Him. But the will of God to adore the efforts of the Sadhakas with success remains a mystery. The Upanishadic saying declares the same in the following words,
"Na Yamatma Bala Hinena Labhyaha,
Na Yamatma Pravachanena Labhyaha,
Na Yamatma Medhaya Labhyaha,
Na Yamatma Bahu shrutena Labhyaha".
( God is not attained by the weak, by the discourses, by intelligence or by vast reading.)
Thus attaining God is not a certainty by any means. Another Upanishadic saying tells us that the God will reveal himself to one who is destined to see God. There is no predictable and sure means by which you can attain God.

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Author : Udupi Ramanatha Acharya


From the publisher Author : PV Acharya

From the publisher

In the changed scenario of the world, the Indian devout public is spread all around the globe, Many of them are deeply attached to our ancient religion and longing to live those customs and traditions, To enable these people to learn and practice our religion, overseas religious centres are necessary.His Holiness Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji has been striding for the protection and propagation of our Sanatana Dharma, Swamiji has established four religious centres of Shri Udupi Puttige Matha in USA and all of them have become favorite places of worship and Indian culture, for thousands of devotees who were badly in need of them. We are extremely happy to inform our readers that the Shri Udupi Puttige Matha has opened one more Branch of Krishna Vrindayana the fifth one in USA at Sanjose California for the benefit of the devout public lining in USA...Read more

The Pride and its falsehood Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

The Pride and its falsehood

We know that it is very difficult to overcome the pride. People are proud of being rich, the proud of being very intelligent, being famous, being very charismatic, charming, educated, and powerful, so on and so forth. Many people have found it very difficult to overcome this ego. We all know that "pride goeth before a fall". When we are proud, there is simultaneously the lurking fear in us that I am not in the correct frame of mind. But still we are helpless. We don't know how to overcome this pride. People call us proud and arrogant. We know that they are not wrong. We would rather be called humble in spite of all our so called merit and distinction. But we don't know how to overcome this complex...Read more

Suvani Author : Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji


Compatibility and the marriage
There were days when the parents were not happy for the birth of a girl child and envied the people who had male issues. During the times when the modern medicine did not interfere with the process of progeny, to be the father of a girl child was not welcome at all. People were scared to be friendly with the parents who had more female issues. For such parents it was nothing short of a boon if they got a groom for their daughters. The parents of the girl child desperately did all the biddings of the Pooja, Vrata, Upavasa and what not to be blessed with a bride groom who would provide a life for their daughters. If a boy was an educated one. if he had a good job, he would be the cynosure of such parents...Read more

Dharma, Yoga and Sanskrit Author : Mahesh Harvu

Dharma, Yoga and Sanskrit

Swami Vivekananda—a name that resonates across the world. He is credited for spreading the concepts of Vedanta and Yoga to the western world. Swami Vivekananda realized that the tenets of Vedanta and Yoga have universal applicability, and that the missing link was imparting the message in an easy to understand format to the rest of the world. That became his mission.
At the age of thirty, Swami Vivekananda travelled across United States, Canada, Japan and China, to spread the divinity of Vedanta and Yoga. The focus of his message was clear. It was to help an individual realize love and the inner self.
Speaking in the United States of America, Swami Vivekananda said, "I do not come", "to convert you to a new belief.""! want you to keep…Read more

His Holiness Vidyamanya The quiet Crusader & a spiritual colossus Author : R.S.B.

His Holiness Vidyamanya The quiet Crusader & a spiritual colossus

Guru Shri Vidyamanya had started to impart his extra ordinary proficiency in Dwaita philosophy and God had provided him with a disciple with indomitable spirit, indefatigable industry and who would also be a terrific campaigner, shining and pure like gold in almost every quality one would except in a sage. 1 le was a young boy, but ready to pour out his soul for the studies of the orient, with an alert brain putting mercury to shame, a total stranger to follies, who not intentionally but naturally was drawn away from all evils. He was like an infant possessed by the qualities of angels and it was unbelievable that anybody assuming Sanyasa at the age of 8 could lake to Sanyasa Dharma like fish takes to water...Read more

Ettarayana and Uttarayana Author : Harshala Rajesh

Ettarayana and Uttarayana

Sankrumana is a festival day. Makara Sankramana has more reasons for celebrations. While the other Sankramanas are the movement from one sign to the other, makara sankramana is from night to day. from south to north, from bottom(taggu) to top(ettara). ettarayana. Up until now, Sun was rolling from one sign to the other in the bottom compartments, from now he will start rising to the upper compartments. Movement gradually becomes upward movement.
The tasks done while the king of planets - Sun is rising above will naturally be prosperous. That is the reason why ettarAyana is auspicious time for all the tasks. Finally for death as well. This is the reason why Bhishma waited for it.
Shri Krishna says : If one has to die in such a way that he will not be born again...Read more

Tat Sat and Karmajeeva Author : Chiram Samskritham

Tat Sat and Karmajeeva

There are several ways preached lo purify ourselves from sins, easily and instantly. How effective are these? Is it possible for us to see some tangible proofs to this? These common questions arise within us quite often.
Charities, Sacrifices ( Homa, Havan ), austerities ( Vrata ) are supposed to free us from all soils of bondage and deliver us to the eternal abode, But the intent and the way they are performed are what grant us the fruition and not the act of merely performing it. There are times when the whole effort can be a complete waste in karmic perspective. I low do we get the rituals right? Here is how Sri Krishna explains.
There are three modes of material nature...Read more

Acharya Madhwa Author : Sri Bannanje Govindacharya

Acharya Madhwa

Another means of valid knowledge besides perception and scripture is inference or reasoning. Although it is an instrument of valid knowledge' it is not an independent instrument. Hence it is spoken of only as "anu-mana" (anusaripramaia) or ancillary instrument to the other two: viz, the perception and the scriptures.
It is important to note that in supra-sensory matters, nothing can be established by inference or reasoning independently. For, anything one desire can be established by reasoning. Those who do not possess this awareness can establish nothing by the strength of their reasoning. Therefore in regard to supra-sensory facts and especially, in regard to God, there is no use in one's surrendering oneself to reasoning. One should surrender oneself only to God. One should surrender oneself to the voice of experienced...Read more