Punyena Punyam...... 2013 (10)

Punyena Punyam......

The resplendent Sudarshana or The Chakra of Lord Vishnu assumes benign gesture where there is righteousness and assumes punitive hostility against the evil. This sudarshan cuts asunder the falsehood and rises in protection for the truth. The protection offered by sudarshana is incomparable as it symbolizes the supreme lord. In the puppet play the controlling cord does not betray its presence. But it is understood that there is the master of the puppet show behind it. The master knows what is to be the performance of the puppets depending upon the karmic past. The role of karma unfolds itself through the performance. The good deeds generate the auspicious results where as the evil breeds evil. The presence of both types of karma, keep the soul in between. As is said in Prashnopanishat, "Punyene Punyam Lokam Nayati,PapenaPapam, Ubhabhyameva ManushyaLokam"

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Author : Udupi Ramanatha Acharya


From the publisher Author : PV Acharya

From the publisher

In the changed scenario of the world, the Indian devout public is spread all around the globe, Many of them are deeply attached to our ancient religion and longing to live those customs and traditions, To enable these people to learn and practice our religion, overseas religious centres are necessary.His Holiness Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji has been striding for the protection and propagation of our Sanatana Dharma, Swamiji has established four religious centres of Shri Udupi Puttige Matha in USA and all of them have become favorite places of worship and Indian culture, for thousands of devotees who were badly in need of them. We are extremely happy to inform our readers that the Shri Udupi Puttige Matha has opened one more Branch of Krishna Vrindayana the fifth one in USA at Sanjose California for the benefit of the devout public lining in USA...Read more

Suvani Author : Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji


What you saw, the same will you reap
Anyone who is incapable of introspection regards external things as responsible for his personal distress and difficulties. He regards external things as responsible for his miserable plight and predicaments. He is preoccupied in his search to find out what came in the way of his peaceful enjoyment of life. When he arrives at the conclusion that there are certain circumstances and certain individuals responsible for his sorrows and joy ? he tries to exercise control over them to ensure his welfare Joy and security. In course of his Endeavor, he develops passionate attachment for some and aversion for others depending upon his own conceited ideas. This attitude does not solve either our mundane problems or help our spiritual growth...Read more

Be generous and be blessed Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

Be generous and be blessed

'The pursuit of comforts in life' is a never ending exercise. But the result seems to be elusive. Look behind for centuries or millennium. Man is trying to free his life from all the trouble and load comfort, convenience, joy and security into it. Has he been successful? We were made to believe that our difficulties resulted from our ignorance of ways of handling nature. With modern science, man is able to bring the vagaries of nature under control. He has eliminated the dreaded deceases, the effects of famine and the catastrophe by way of senseless tribal wars, so on and so forth.
The pursuit continues and with the passage of time, peaceful life seems more elusive. We seem to believe that more experimentation with political systems and application of technology lead to order and harmony in life. But we are proved wrong...Read more

Festivities Galore Author : Mahesh Harvu

Festivities Galore

The month of August has a special charm in New Jersey. It is that time of the year, where the weather plays a perfect host - neither too hot nor humid, schools are on the last stretch of summer vacations, and Shri Krishna Vrundavana gets busy with preparations for the divine Aradhana Mahotsava. The festivities extended into early September as well with the continued celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami and Leelotsava.
On August 24th, we had the divine opportunity to perform the Aradhana Mahotsava for Kalpavruksha, Shri Guru Raghavendra.
The events of the day kicked off with Ganapathi Pooja and Abhishekha...Read more

His Holiness Vidyamanya The quiet Crusader & a spiritual colossus Author : R.S.B.

His Holiness Vidyamanya The quiet Crusader & a spiritual colossus

It won't be irrelevant to bring up an analogy in delineating the Swamiji's personality. A mother considers the protection of her child the ultimate stake of her life. But that does not mean she refuses to recognize the right to welfare of other children. Her commitment to the work, which nature has given her, does not obliterate her ability to see the rest of the world. In fact a mother knows the attachment, the emotion, the necessity of protective instinct and its indispensable need for the survival, better than the others. Thus a real mother becomes an icon and a universal symbol. Shri Vidyamanya had avowed allegiance to Madha Matha and he could not but see the value of stalwarts of the parallel faith like himself He was a champion of our tradition and not a belligerent monk as some had tried to portray him with envy...Read more

Valuable lessons from the lefe & times of raghavendra swamiji Author : Sanjeev Kulkarni

Valuable lessons from the lefe & times of raghavendra swamiji

Guru Shri Raghavendra Swamiji has bestowed us with numerous valuable gifts and lessons through his works, boons, miracles, and even his disciples!
There is an invaluable lesson hidden in the life and times of Shri Raghavendra Swamiji. As we all know, Rayaru is the earthly incarnation of Shri Shankukarna who also has 2 other well-known incarnations (avataras) Shri Prahalada Rajaru and Shri Vyasa Teertharu and a third not so well known incarnation (Shri Bali leek a raajaru). Through his life in these 3 avataras, Shri Shankukarna (or Rayaru) bestows upon us a very valuable lesson that can help us immensely in our worldly activities whatever is our occupation.
Let us take a quick look at the 3 avataras:...Read more

Krishnarpanamasthu Author : Chiram Samskritham


The power of the phrase "Krishnarpanamasthu"
We are required to perform various types of activities. Recognizing if an activity will lead us to bondage (Samsara bandhana)or will it lead us to liberation(bandha mochana) is very tricky. Even the seers, sages, the Supreme Lord himself are not free from Karma and duties. So we must practice our duties even when in doubt. Lord Krishna himself says, He is not bound by any karmic bondage to perform any duty. There is no one to question Him, still if He does not engage in his stipulated karma, all whole creation will follow him and perish eternally.
So how do we mortals become free of bondage of these activities? It is almost impossible to walk on a perfect path of duty...Read more

Benefit of the company of the saintly people Author : Chinmayee.V.Ramani

Benefit of the company of the saintly people

Once sage Narada wanted to find an answer to a question. Since he was a learned man, he could not approach a lesser person for the answer. He approached lord Krishna for answer. He asked Krishna 'o Lord, what is the benefit of meeting saintly people?' Lord suppressed a smile and told Narada to go to a small worm in the cow dung that was lying nearby. Narada was puzzled. But it was the word of the lord. So he went to the worm and asked the same question. But the worm died with out answering. Anyway Narada did not expect the worm to answer him. He came back to Krishna and reported the same. But Krishna without giving him the answer, asked Narada to go and ask the same question to a parrot that would be perching on the branch of a particular tree. In obedience to Krishna's words Narada found out the parrot and asked the same question...Read more

Acharya Madhwa Author : Sri Bannanje Govindacharya

Acharya Madhwa

The world is not a magic show improvised by any magician. It is ultimately true. From another standpoint, it is untrue also. But then the word 'untrue' does not mean 'false'; it means 'dependent reality'. Its truth is restrained by God; hence it is untrue.
Similarly, there is no truth in the objection that the Vedic religion is tainted with iconolatry or image-worship. For, it does not worship icons; it worships only God symbolized by the icons. Does the all pervasive God not exist in the icon?
Among other significant contributions of Acharya's Tatvavada, Vyakti-viiavada or unique individuality of every soul and svabhava-vada or theory of unalterable nature of the souls deserve notice.. The following is a summary statement of it:...Read more