Yoga Kshememiti Pranapanayoh 2013 (09)

Yoga Kshememiti Pranapanayoh

The physical world around us is lifeless. This is like a stagnant pool of water. The karmic initiative is like the flow of water. Those who are going to stir this pool are likely to have mud mire all over their body. "What do we seek in it? What do we get from this? "What will remain with us finally? "What do you want to be freed from? Without a sensible answer to these questions, we do stir up the world. We strive to reach the unattainable. We strive to get possession of things for our pleasure. But it is only an endless and futile wait for joy and comfort and never ending company of sorrow. Ultimately it is nothing but the practice of endurance.
There is one goal for the life of mortals. We want to secure things of joy and keep them from getting lost. To come into the possession of things is called Yoga. Protecting these things with us is called as Kshema. The aspirations and assumptions of the human beings have been optimized in the words of Shruti.

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Author : Udupi Ramanatha Acharya


From the publisher Author : PV Acharya

From the publisher

In the changed scenario of the world, the Indian devout public is spread all around the globe. Many of them are deeply attached to our ancient religion and longing to live those customs and traditions. To enable these people to learn and practice our religion, overseas religious centres are necessary. His Holiness Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji has been striving for the protection and propagation of our Sanatana Dharma. Swamiji has established four religious centres of Shri Udupi Puttige Matha in USA and all of them have become favourite places of worship and Indian culture, for thousands of devotees who were badly in need of them. We are extremely happy to inform our readers that the Shri Udupi Puttige Matha has opened one more Branch of Krishna Vrindavana the fifth one in USA at Sanjose California for the benefit of the devout public living in USA...Read more

Lord Krishna & Bhagavadgeetha Author : Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

Lord Krishna & Bhagavadgeetha

Examining the incarnation of Lord Krishna by the point of view of the import of Shrimad Bhagavadgeetha and looking at Bhagavadgeetha in the light of Krishna Avatara is one and the same though they seem dissimilar superficially. To appreciate the fine distinction and the underlying similarity needs careful consideration.
Lord Krishna who teaches Bhagavadgeetha to Arjuna is the same Lord who exhibited all his Leela to the world in the incarnation of Krishna. "When he dons the role of Geethacharya, we tend to assume that he is somewhat more of the spiritual world than Gopala Krishna of Nandagokula. This is not possible for everyone to trace the identical philosophy in the meaning of Bhagavadgeetha and the earthly manifestation of Krishna incarnation...Read more

Who do we love for Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

Who do we love for

Who do we love for?
'A cup of coffee, or a cup of tea', don't they look harmless and simple habits? But in reality, they are not. Our habits have far reaching consequences. We want coffee and we want tea, so thousands of hectares of land of the primeval forests have been converted into coffee and tea estates and it has encouraged planters to encroach the forest and destroying habitats of wild life. The habit of just a smoke has led thousands formers adopt monocultures of growing tobacco in thousands of hectares of land leading to loss of fertility of the soil. Vast resources of joint stock companies enter the media and lakhs of news papers are printed and reach our houses at the pittance of a price.
Hence the trees that go into making paper are given preference in place naturally growing...Read more

Shri Raghavendra Swami Aradhane Author : SRSS

Shri Raghavendra Swami Aradhane

SRSS (Shri Raghavendra Seva Samiti) in Melbourne, Australia celebrated the 342ndAradhana celebrations of Guru Shri Raghavendra Swamiji on August 25th 2013. This is SRSS' 4thAradhana celebration of Guru Rayaru in a row, since its inception. The celebrations were conducted by the priests from PuttigeMatha under the able guidance of Shri Prasanna Acharya with the blessings from Shri Suguneendra Teertha Swamiji.
Over 450 devotees of Guru Rayaru participated in the celebrations from all parts of Melbourne! The day started with Alankara Pooja of the Lord with special pooja offered to our Beloved Guru Shree RaghavendraSwamiji. A group of devotees lead by Smt Netra Sreenath offered melodious Sangeetaseva to the Lord and Guru Rayaru followed by the chanting of Shri Raghavendra Stotra and 108 times chanting of Om Shri Raghavendraya...Read more

His Holiness Vidyamanya The quiet Crusader & a spiritual colossus Author : R.S.B.

His Holiness Vidyamanya The quiet Crusader & a spiritual colossus

Kindness personified

Shri Vidyamanya wouId not hesitate to erupt into precipitate anger when any outrage was committed or likely to be committed against the Orient. Especially, he had no tolerance for those who pretended to be great thinkers and passed for being so, in the public arena and tried to trespass on the on the sanctified field of the orient with their hypocritical and immature thoughts. He was ready to take any one head on, on that account.
But his features would melt into an affectionate smile when he happened to meet people who have proven commitment to Dharma in whatever measure possible to them...Read more