Swadhyayaanma Pramadaha 2013 (08)

Swadhyayaanma Pramadaha

The incarnation of Lord Vishnu can be classified into two categories. They are Incarnations for establishing supremacy of the Lord on the physical plane, and those for establishing the knowledge of the ultimate. But as an exception, Lord Krishna's incarnation stands for both the missions. Lord Krishna could be seen to effect spiritual reformation through preaching and also mending the ways of people by donning the role of the mortal and living among mortals. This could lead the ignorant masses to believe that Lord is also one among them. This illusion of the masses also lies within the ambit of the purpose of Lord's incarnation.
Lord Krishna acted like a disciple engaged in the process of Learning from Guru. This was meant for the purpose 5of educating the people about the necessity of being a disciple.

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Author : Udupi Ramanatha Acharya


Tapta Mudra Dharanam at Govardhana Giri Author : Report

Tapta Mudra Dharanam at Govardhana Giri

His Holiness Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji was present at Govardhana Giri Shri Puttige Matha, Bangalore on the Day of Prathama Ekadashi to bless devotees in Bangalore with Mudra Dharanam. "Prathama Ekadashi" marks the beginning of Chaturmasya and is a very auspicious day. Devotees begin Chaturmasya Vrata with Tapta Mudra Dharanam. Thousands of Devotees were present in Govardhana Giri and availed Mudra Dharanam.
Devotees in their large number visited Govardhana Giri on Dwadashi the next day, and attended the pooja of Lord Krishna by His Holiness Swamiji...Read more

From the publisher Author : PV Acharya

From the publisher

In the changed scenario of the world, the Indian devout public is spread all around the globe. Many of them are deeply attached to our ancient religion and longing to live those customs and traditions. To enable these people to learn and practice our religion, overseas religious centres are necessary. His Holiness Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji has been striving for the protection and propagation of our Sanatana Dharma. Swamiji has established four religious centres of Shri Udupi Puttige Matha in USA and all of them have become favourite places of worship and Indian culture, for thousands of devotees who were badly in need of them. We are extremely happy to inform our readers that the Shri Udupi Puttige Matha has opened one more Branch of Krishna Vrindavana the fifth one in USA at San jose California for the benefit of the devout public living in USA…Read more

The point of meet Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

The point of meet

The sixteenth Adhyaya of Shri Sumadhwa Vijaya contains an anecdote which is very important in respect of the preaching of Madhwacharya. Once Shri Madhwacharya Was Challenged to prove the veracity of the Vedas. The question was that the sacrifices and penance prescribed in the Vedas do not yield tangible results. Some learned ones argue that the absence of the results should be attributed to absence of deserving adhikaris. But to quote always these reasons and perpetual absence of the results purports to falsehood of the sayings in the Vedas.
Shrimad Acharya did not wait to argue. He accepted the challenge and set about to prove the veracity of the Vedas with…Read more

Be generous and Be rewarded Author : Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

Be generous and Be rewarded

Words of H.H.Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji while acknowledging the 'Tulabharam' offered to him by the management committee of Ramadurga shankara matha, Belgaum. On the occasion of the inauguration of "Saraswati mantapa".
We are highly pleased with your charitable and benevolent gesture while greeting us with the joyful Cheering with words of "Glory be to Lord Hari The supreme, Glory be to Lord Vayu, the highest of Atmans" and also the Joyful cheering of "Glory be to Lord Shankara, the liberator". Here we acknowledge with gratification the rare and unique feelings of unbounded love and accommodative spirit in extending Tulabhara Seva to seer belonging to Madhwa Lineage. We are deeply touched and indebted to your generosity. By your act you have given a new meaning to the appellation 'Tulabhara'… Read more

Acharya Madhwa Author : Sri Bannanje Govindacharya

Acharya Madhwa

Acharya Madhva's line of thought gave a new turn to the tradition of Indian philosophy. This has been called by the name 'Tatvavada' in ancient works. In later times, when the unphilosophical trend emphasizing only conflict became prominent for recognizing Vedic schools of thought only in terms of Dvaita-Advaita etc., this came to be called the 'Dvaitamatha' or 'dualistic school'. But from the standpoint of True Vedic tradition, this is not a name which can be fully justified.
In the philosophical system of Acharya, tatvas or categories of reality arc primarily two; svatantra-tatva and asvatantra-tatva (i.e. Independent reality and dependent reality). God who creates the universe is the Independent reality; the entire universe created by him is the dependent reality…Read more

His holiness Vidyamanya the quiet crusadar & a spiritual colossus Author : R.S.B.

His holiness Vidyamanya the quiet crusadar & a spiritual colossus

Many writers have poured fourth their devotion, recounted the humane, divine and the social profile of Shri Vidyamanya Guru in the past decade or so. The end of the journey of larger-than-life personalities is a grim reminder of the path that lies ahead for everyone. Many a disciple, devout believers have brought into words their rich experiences with Guru Vidyamanya. Hundreds, if not thousands fondly remember his kindness, awe inspiring personality with feelings of gratitude. Except in respect of religious and ethical sanctity and principles, which was his life blood, Shri Vidyamanya Swamiji was liberal, condescending, unassuming, kind and simple…Read more

Role of a Guru Author : Mahesh Harvu

Role of a Guru

What role does a guru play in your life?
The word guru comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and has two syllables - gu and ru. Gu denotes the spiritual ignorance. Ru denotes the radiance of knowledge that dispels the ignorance.
A guru then dispels spiritual ignorance.
The most practical definition of a Guru was laid out in a discourse jointly conducted by His Holiness 1008 Shri Suguncndra Theertha Swamiji and Shri Chinna Jeeyar at Shri Krishna Vrundavana in NJ. This discourse was on the auspicious occasion and the birthday of His Holiness. Commending the Swamiji and his service to the Lord and devotees, Shri Chinna Jeeyar remarked, "A guru is like a mirror." …Read more

The icon of Tatvavaada Author : Smt. Subhadra D.A.

The icon of Tatvavaada

The 27th of July was celebrated as "Teekacharyara Panchami" among Madhwas. This is high time we learnt to revere our gurus and benefit from their spiritual and mundane life which is meant to make our life meaningful in the earthly and heavenly sense. Smt. Subhadra Dheerendrachar Ayachit, a scholar of Samskrit and Devout follower of Madhwa matha, shares her devotion for the greatest ever Madhwa sage.
In Madhwa Lineage, The completion of study of ShriMan Nyaya Sudha authored by Jayateertha, the commentary on Shri Madhwacharya's Anuvyakhyana, is considered as a landmark achievement in the career of the student of Veda Vidya. In the same way teaching of Nyayasudha leading to its 'Mangala Mahotsava' is regarded…Read more

Daily spirituality through 4 ashrams Author : Chiram Samskritham

Daily spirituality through 4 ashrams

Let us relate the daily spirituality to a contemporary scenario. Let us consider Meditation for instance. What is the significance and how do we execute it? Meditation is not necessarily holding onto one's nostrils and releasing and inhaling of air. Neither is it restricted to letting the mind wander about a topic of interest, nor is it repeating any particular phrase with concentration. These are just the physical ways of carrying out what is perceived as meditation. Unless we understand the purpose behind it and try to achieve it, all efforts even if put in for years arc in vain.
Getting to the basics, there are four ashramas prescribed brahmacharya, gruhastha, vaanaprastha and sanyasa. These have been…Read more