Satyam Vada Dharmam Chara 2013 (07)

Satyam Vada Dharmam Chara

There is a way to turn all our karmas (activities) into Dharnia or The dictum of righteousness. This has been revealed in the timeless Treatise of Bhagavad Geetha told by Lord Himself. Repose faith in Him. Perform your duty of the hour and leave the results to Him. This is the way your work becomes a part of worshiping.
It is recorded in Lord's saying that that work which is not to be performed by someone though that work is a suitable to be performed by some Others is called Akarma by the formers point of view. That work which is forbidden to all is called Vikarrna. Thus the concept of the duly has been illustrated to clear the confusion.

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Author : Udupi Ramanatha Acharya


The tragidy of uttarkhand & pilgrimage Author : Editor

The tragidy of uttarkhand  & pilgrimage

The Colossal Loss of life and property, the trauma of the people caught in the tragedy in tourism places of Uttarakhand has made every one introspect. The places that witnessed these tragic events were the most important pilgrimage centers for the Hindus. Mankind is in the habit of going on Pilgrimage from times immemorial. Earlier we did not have this luxury of automobiles. The pilgrims had to risk their lives with natural calamities, robbers, wild animals, diseases, and other unforeseen circumstances. So, before going on pilgrimage, they were well aware of these risks and made whatever preparations they could. In the depth of their heart, they doubted their own safe return. They did not take small children with them and normally undertook such long pilgrimages whether to Kashi, Badarinath and Kedaranath or in respect of other religions...Read more

Evershining & Everlasting Dasa Sahitya Icon Author : K.A.Srikanth

Evershining & Everlasting Dasa Sahitya Icon

Sri KA. Shrikanth a very pious and devout deciple of His Holiness Sri Sri Sugunendratheertha Swamiji, & a software engineer by profession pours out his soul of devotion for Sri Shripadarajaru on the auspicious ocassion of Aradhana of Sripadarajaru.
Contributions of Various Haridasara to Kamataka culture and tradition is well documented. The positive effect of Dasa Sahitya and padagalu, on people is also well established theory. With pure bhakti and clear mind, Sripadarajaru practiced and showed to the world how singing of dasarapadagalu leads to salvation…Read more

Acharya Madhwa Author : Sri Bannanje Govindacharya

Acharya Madhwa

Acharya's Works
Acharya has written four works on the Sutraprasthana (the Vedantic school of Brahma-sutra);
1. Brahmasutra-bhashya
2. Sarva-Sastrartha-Sangraha(Anu-bhashya)
3. Brahmasutra-Anuvyakhyana
4. Brahmasutra-Anuvyakhyana-vivarana
Two works on the Gita-prasthana (Vedantic school of Bhagavadgita)
5. Bhagavadgita-bhashya
6. Bhagavadgita-tatparya-nirnaya… Read more

Sripadarajaru & his historic contribution to our culture Author : Smt. Subhadra D.A.

Sripadarajaru & his historic contribution to our culture

A great star shining in the Galaxy of Madhwa legacy is Shri Shripadarajaru, whose Moola Brindavana is in Mulabagilu this is exactly one hundred kilometers from Bangalore on the way to Tirupathi from Bangalore. June 22nd 20I3 is the Aradhana Day of this great sage attended and celebrated by thousands and thousands of devotees. Smt. Subhadra Dheerendrachar Ayachit a scholar in Aiankara & Vyakarana Shastra, an ardent devotee of this saint shares her Views on this auspicious occasion.
The following is the tribute paid by Shri Vadiraraja Swamigalu to Shri Shripadarajaru.
'Madwha Mathadali Putti, Maya Vadigala Geddu, Meredanu Ditta, Gururaya Jatti'.Read more

Ayutha Sri Vedokta Narasimha Mantra Yaaga Author : Mahesh Harvu

Ayutha Sri Vedokta Narasimha Mantra Yaaga

On Saturday June 15th 2013, Ayuta Shree Vedokta Naiasimha Mantra Yaaga was performed at Shri Krishna Vrundavana, Edison, New Jersey. During recent months, the weather has been rather unkind to the East coast. It continues to remain unpredictable. In spite of the rampant rains, Shri Krishna Vrunda-vana has been firm in its resolve to perform the Narasimha Mantra Yaaga.When you have the divine grace and blessings of Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Shri Lakshmi Narasimha, obstacles that can seem insurmountable are often overcome. The pouring rains that hampered operations the days leading up to the Yaaga gave way to perfect weather on the day of the Yaaga!...Read more

Mahabharatham Author : Sri Vadiraja Research Foundation


The Three day international seminar on MAHABHARATA was conducted on 17th lgth &19thl May 2013, organised by Sri Vadiraja Research Foundation.
His Holiness Sri Si Sugunendra Theerth Swamiji has inaugurated the function with lighting of the lamp. Chief Guest of the function Dr. N.R. Kannan, Principal, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthna, Sringeri. Dr. Srinivas Varakhedi, Director, Karnataka Sanskrit University, Bengaluru. Session Presidents, Delegates and others were present on this auspicious occasion.
Our Swamiji said "There is no book in the whole ranges of the world’s literature so high above all the Mahabharata which is treasure house of Dharma not only for Hindus but for all mankind…Read more

Brahmopadesham (Upanayana Samskara) Author : Dr. Putturaya

Brahmopadesham (Upanayana Samskara)

Based on age , human life is divided into four stages, namely-infancy (shaishavavasthe), childhood (baalyavasthe) youth (yowana) and old age (vrudhaapya). But based on the duties & responsibilities to be performed, human life is divided into Brahmacharya (celebasy), Grahasthashrama(family life), Vaanaprstha (preparatory phase to develop a sense of detachment from materialistic life) and Sanyaasa (getting ready to quit the world any time). But inorder to lead a meaningful life, a person has to undergo 16 purificatory processes (shodasa samskaaras) right from conception to cremation.
One of them is Brahmopadesha or Upanayana which is ideally performed between 8th to 9th years of life to boys...Read more

Dve Vidye Veditavye.. Author : Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

Dve Vidye Veditavye..

Learning in general consists of two types. Learning meant for livelihood and another in the knowledge of the ultimate. We need both of them when we cannot attain one from another. But in the event that knowledge of the ultimate can dispense with the necessity of the earthly learning, we don't need that learning meant exclusively for livelihood. But under no circumstances one should abandon the ultimate Vidya for the sake of the earthly one.
It is impossible to attain the ultimate Vidya through the path of learning meant for livelihood. This is beyond doubt that the ultimate Vidya is the most significant one. For, it is this Vidya which sanctifies the elemental entity of the soul and fetches him the ultimate Joy...Read more

The entity of piety, serenity, living for the eternity Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

The entity of piety, serenity, living for the eternity

His holiness Sri Sugunendra Theertha swamiji.
I and my 10 year old son got up at 4. 30a.m, and were ready for our visit to Puttige. The day was Dwadashi and Swamiji"s Pooja at Puttige was to be very early in the morning. We were joined by two more devotees Shankar and his mother from Canada who had stayed in Geetha Mandir at Udupi. The Car which contained four of us, took us to the small picturesque tiny village of Puttige located on the bank of the river Suvama. It was 6 o' clock and was just getting light. As we entered the Matha, His Holiness Swamiji was sitting inside the temple performing his regular daily Parayanam of various holy books. He just lifted his face from the book to greet us and continued his…Read more

Publishers Appeal Author : PV Acharya

Publishers Appeal

It is heartening to see hundreds, if not thousands of devotees from USA, Canada and Australia have found Solace and satisfaction by various religious institutions, activities, and religious publications of His Holiness Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji. It has given satisfaction not only for the devotees abroad but also to those who strived hard to realize all this to happen Suguna Digest aspires to bring all the disciples and Devotees together and create a platform where they can know, express and participate by reading, subscribing and by contributing your write ups. We humbly request you to record your responses, feelings and experiences in writing and see that published in Suguna Digest so that…Read more