.......Atithidevo Bhava 2013 (06)

.......Atithidevo Bhava

Epic Character Of Ranti Deva has been regarded as the absolute authority to have the final say in the age old custom of Athithi Satkara( The concept Of Hospitality) and hence has been regarded as the rightful interpreter of the meaning of Vedic maxim 'ATITHI DEVO BHAVA'. He was the one who added "Swapachaya Namaha" to "Swabyaha Shwapathaye Namaha". He began his life with the dictum of "Namo Brahmanya Devaya". He realized the meaning of Vedic Hymn in worshipping the mother. Later in life. He found God in his father, while he was imparted learning witnessing intellectual and bodily growth. Further he was to realize God in the tutor to protect and increase the scope of what he had gained by the divine service to father and mother.

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Author : Udupi Ramanaatha Acharya


VijayaVittala Welcomes Author : Sanjay Kulkarni

VijayaVittala Welcomes

Rarely does one get an opportunity to witness history from close quarters! This new samvatsara(Hindu Calendar Year) presented one such opportunity to us devotees in Melbourne!
As the world over was getting ready to celebrate the rise of Christ on the Easter morning (March 31st), hundreds of devotees in Australia were getting ready to celebrate the rise of Krishna! It marked the day when ShreeSuguneendraTeerthaSwamiji (henceforth addressed as Sreegalu or His Holiness) of PuthigeMatha (one of the 8 Mathas in Udupi, Karnataka established by JagadguruMadhwacharya in 12th Century AD) arrived on the Australian continent for the first time. Devotees were delighted to welcome VijayaVithala (aradhyadevaru of PuthigeMatha)...Read more

Acharya Madhva Author : Sri Bannanje Govindacharya

Acharya Madhva

The tradition: As it developed...
The disciples of Acharya, both pontifical and lay, continued this tradition with devout and zeal. They nourished the young plant by supplying it constantly with waters of their penance and erudition. Hundreds of dialectical treatises came to be written. Among the writers belonging to this school we may roughly classify some outstanding ones in the following chronological order: Sri Vishnutheertha, Padmanabha theertha, Naraharitheertha, Trivikrama-Panditacharya, Narayana-Panditacharya, Vaamana Panditacharya (Traivikramarya-dasa) Jayatirtha (Tikacharya), Vijayadhvajatheertha, Vishnudasacharya, Vyasatheertha, Vadirajatheertha, Vijayindratheertha, Raghavendra Teertha, Yadupati-acharya etc...Read more

Sri Krishna Vrundavana 2nd Anniversary Author : Ramesh, Bengaluru

Sri Krishna Vrundavana 2nd Anniversary

Sri Krishna Vmndavana at 781 Warden Avenue celebrated its Second Anniversary of its establishment here in Toronto. The day also coincided with the celebration of and Welcoming of the "VIJAYA" naama Samvatsara.
The temple was established two years ago by His Holiness Sri Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji who is the 33rd pontiff in the line of Shri Madhwacharya. The temple, also known as Krishna Mutt, is following the 800 year old traditions in terms of all the rituals followed for every pooja and seva. All the priests are trained for at least 15 years at the Vidya Peetha in Udupi before taking over as priest in the temples. Every cook is a priest first and then takes over the cook out of passion preparing the tastiest food that Udupi is known for...Read more

Sugunamala & Suguna Digest Anniversary Author : R.S.Bidarahalli

Sugunamala & Suguna Digest Anniversary

"I insist that it is not enough if you alone inculcate Sugunas (great Virtues). You should see that the society around you emulates Godly Qualities. To fulfil this, you should write and publish in addition to meeting people and addressing them. "
These words of Inspiration were spoken by Shri Guru Vidyamanya 27 years ago to Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji. His Holiness Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji recalled these words of Shri Vidyamanya Swamiji which inspired him to start Suguna Mala monthly Kannada Magazine in the year 1986. Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji recalled these words of his mentor on 2nd of May 2013 in Shri Puttige Matha at Udupi on the occasion of 27th anniversary of Suguna Mala and Suguna Digest. Swamij blessed every one who had done service for the publication in various capacities such as writers,...Read more

Taking part in Wedding at yermal becomes a visit to a holy place Author : R.S.B.

Taking part in Wedding at yermal becomes a visit to a holy place

By the Blessings of Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji, Hariprasad, A very affable young friend of mine, a software engineer by profession was getting married. It was to be held in a village near Udupi. Naturally I was elated to attend.
My friend's name was Hariprasad or so I thought. For his full name was Hariprasad Tantri. My ears were pricked at the mention of Tantri. The word Tantri has a lot of ancient connotations leading to Tantra Shastra. Tantri which was the name given to some of ancient seers who had inherited the invaluable knowledge of the traditional architecture of construction of the temple. So are several family names in the land of Madhwacharya. For instance Aithal means Ahitanala. Ahita and anala means one who was known to be wedded to the ritual of sacrifices...Read more

The fraction of a second at our disposal Author : Dhanvantary. S Madhava Murthy

The fraction of a second at our disposal

Life is the biggest Book. We need life to understand what is taught in our Scriptures.
The writer Madhava Murthy explains the most subtle concepts of life in the best possible empirical terms. Could there be a better way to overcome our ego? It is wonderful if one could explain such subtle aspects in one paragraph.
In this mortal world everything is recycled. The air, the water,earth,the heat, the energy... The air in hurricanes, water in rivers and oceans, the earth in volcanoes and earth quakes, the heat in layers of earth and the energy in every process on the earth.
It also applies to the whole universe where matter and energy are recycled in solar systems,stars,quasars,neutron stars,...Read more

Blossoms of youth - God helps only those who try Author : Sathwik P. Acharya

Blossoms of youth - God helps only those who try

Once, a great devotee of God lived in a village. Everybody in the village knew him to be a devout man and respected him. Once it rained heavily in that region and a river which was flowing by the village was in floods. Rain continued and the river started to rise to dangerous level. People were told that it was better to move to higher places as they may be caught in floods if the water rose further. Some people collected important belongings and moved to higher places. The river started to flow higher. More people left the village. But the devout man was unshaken. He said that as long as we believed in God nothing would happen. The river water rose further.
Then some village elders took up the matter and forced the remaining people to abandon the village and go to safer places...Read more

Rukminisha Vijaya & a few Wagging Tongues Author : sugunendratheertha swamiji

Rukminisha Vijaya & a few Wagging Tongues

Following is the excerpts from the Speech of shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamijji delivered while addressing the devotees in Australia on the Day of Ugadi of Shri Vijaya Samvatsara in the Venue of Vishnu, Shiva and Murugan Temple complex in Victoria, Australia...
Wagging Tongues are reality of life. They don't spare anyone. They don't spare even Lord Krishna and Rukmini. Lord Krishna is known as highly controversial lover providing abundant food for the accusations and allegations. In respect of Lord Krishna's union with Rukmini shri Krishna is charged with the offence of Abduction. Let us examine its veracity in the worldly sense.Read more

The Quality of poverty Author : Raghothamachar Bidarahalli

The Quality of poverty

I was moved to ask a question to my father once, for he was a saintly man and a true believer in God. My father was known as Bidarahalli Srinivasacharya and was a true disciple of Shri Vidyamanya Teertha Swamiji. The query was something like this. The story of Sudhama or Kuchela is quoted always to show how the poor friend of Lord Krishna was transformed into such a wealthy man that he himself could not recognize his own house which had been changed to a luxurious mansion.
He went to Lord Krishna just as a friend would go to another in times of distress, as his wife was fed up with poverty and begged him to go to Lord Krishna for help. But out of modesty, He could not open his mouth in front of his friend Krishna. But the Lord knew the prayer of his wife and gave him wealth…Read more

Publishers Appeal Author : PV Acharya

Publishers Appeal

We are deeply indebted to our respectable patrons and readers who inspired us to realize the ambition to make Suguna Digest a monthly periodical. We are overwhelmed by the kind response and co-operation of our readers who have borne with us all these years.
We hereby appeal to our readers to introduce their friends, kith & kin and others as subscribers to Suguna Digest and contribute in all possible ways for the cause of eternal knowledge of the Indian Orient and Legacy of Madhwa Philosophy worldwide which is the foremost mission of His Holiness Sri Sri Sugunendratheertha Swamiji.Read more