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   Shri Sugunendra teertha Swamiji of Puttige Matha assumed Sanyasa at the tender age of 12 and was brought up filially, spiritually and intellectually by the epoch making personality of Shri Shri vidyamany Teertha swamiji who is also the mentor of Shri Vishwesha Teertha swamiji, a visionary and zealous reformist of our times. Shri Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji acquired deep insight into religious, cultural, and vedic heritage of India during the course of study of shastras, extending over a decade under the legendary tutorship of Shri Vidyamany Teertha Swamiji. At a relatively early age he longed to reach to the devout public and take the message of shri Madhwacharya through publication. Shri Vidyamany Teertha Swamiji was pleased to know his worthy ambition of his worthy disciple,and blessed him to go ahead.


Jaya Nruharemala bhava mama sharanam 2015 (Sep)

Jaya Nruharemala bhava mama sharanam

Educating the youth, the most rewarding Service to Humanity.
The greatest service to God lies in rendering service to all humanity. One who renders service to humanity is really great. He deserves gods great. But the service rendered by the individual does not remain for long.Moreover what he does will be small and short lived compared to the vast need and continuing nature of life. So the real service to humanity lies in educating the people academically, spiritually to be ready to serve and sacrifice in times of need and leave a tradition of service and sacrifice behind. Imparting education to youth becomes the perfect and long ... Read More


Narayanam Kulapatim Sharanam Vrajema2014 (Apr)


Among the seven most sacred religious centres of " Parashuram Kshetra" explained in Brahmanda Purana "Rajata Peetha " is the most important one. This has been stated in no less a work than Brahmanda P ...


Rrishnam Vande Mantha Pasha Dharam2014 (Mar)


The eternal Vedas the origiml source of knowledge. Vedas are beyond count. Their meaning is also unlimited. No one knows the Vedas completely. Vedas in their entirety and their meaning is accessible o ...


Sa Kastha Sa Paragatihi2014 (Feb)


No one is supposed to dodge or escape from the prearranged Karma. No one in fact should desire to renounce his duties. More over it is impossible to be passive for anybody. Either physically or mental ...


Satyam, Jnanam, Anantam Brahma2014 (Jan)


The words of the lord Krishna whenever they come, come like the waves of the ocean which bring with them the choicest pearls from the depth of the sea. They bring us the revelation and the shining tru ...